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Throughout the Bible our Father God is constantly reminding us to be aware of the choices we make, because our choices have the potential to impact many lives through countless generations.
Our Kids WRAPs were born from a heart of being passionate about impacting the lives of our W@W moms and spiritual moms for the growth of God’s kingdom for the next generation. These monthly WRAPs are put together in a way that young children will easily understand the message of the Gospel and it creates a perfect opportunity for parents or carers of young children to open a door of discussion on the Biblical topic for the month.

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W@W Kids WRAP 15

Die belangrikste is: LIEFDE! - 1 Korintiërs 13:13 (NV): “En nou: geloof, hoop en liefde bly, hierdie drie. En die grootste hiervan is die liefde!”

W@W Kids WRAP 14

Lewende hoop... - 1 Petrus 1:3 (NV): “Aan God, die Vader van ons Here Jesus Christus, kom al die lof toe! In sy groot ontferming het Hy ons die nuwe lewe geskenk deur die opstanding van Jesus Christus uit die dood. Nou het ons 'n lewende hoop...”

W@W Kids WRAP 13

Vertrou op Jesus... - Spreuke 3:5-6(NLV): “Vertrou op die Here met alles wat jy het. Moenie staatmaak op jou eie insigte nie. Vra na die wil van God in alles wat jy doen. Hy sal die regte pad vir jou wys”.

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