We’d love to have you worship and glorifying our Father God’s name with us. W@W WRAPs help us to apply Biblical principles to our daily lives. In case you missed any, we have some of our WRAPs below.

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W@W WRAP – Week 380

Recommitting our lives to Jesus, having Faith and Believing again! – Do you ever question your faith or your relationship with God? Do you ever doubt if God is faithful and is who He says He is? Let us not only recall what He has done for us before, but recognise His ongoing work in our lives and the lives of others. How wonderful that we have His Word to meditate upon, knowing it's not just a list of do's and don'ts, but a testimony of His intricate involvement, goodness and grace in our lives. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

W@W WRAP – Week 379

Glorifying our Father in Heaven in all we do! – Have you ever wondered about the reason for your existence in this world, at this specific time and place? God not only created this earth and all its inhabitants, but He also continues to take care of us and provide for our needs. In light of His constant love, grace and goodness, what do you believe is His purpose for each of us? The Bible, God's instruction manual, consistently reminds us that our lives are meant to glorify Him in all we do and reveal His nature and character to the world, so that no one will have any excuse for not knowing and honouring our Lord. (Matthew 5:14-16)

W@W WRAP – Week 378

Amazing love! Lord, it's our joy to honour and glorify You! – May this Easter be a time for all of us to surrender to God's transformative work and open our hearts to His amazing love. Let us unite in rejoicing and honouring our risen Lord and Saviour. May we allow God to do a new thing within us, as we let go of the past, appreciate our blessings, and walk with courage and faith, knowing that the resurrection of Jesus Christ signifies the victory of life over death, joy over suffering, and hope over despair. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

W@W WRAP – Week 377

Purify our hearts, Lord! Set us apart and refine us into holy vessels for Your glory! – Are you ready to dedicate yourself as a holy vessel for our Lord and be set apart for Him, or is there any sin or stronghold keeping you in bondage and preventing you from living the life our Lord sacrificed His own life for? God's promise of purification assures us that His grace and forgiveness can free us from sin and grant us the privilege of becoming holy vessels, instruments of light that bring glory to His Holy Name. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

W@W WRAP – Week 376

Drawing Closer to God Through All Seasons of Life – What motivates you to draw closer to God during specific seasons in your life? Do you ever wonder why you are going through exactly what you are experiencing at this very moment? Sometimes, we encounter challenges. Sometimes, we seem to hit a wall. While other times, we experience a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding. Regardless of the current season, let us know today, that our Lord is personally aware of every circumstance and situation in our lives. He assures us that whether in seasons of abundance or adversity, He will never forsake us. He is always near – all we need to do is draw closer to Him. (Isaiah 40:31)

W@W WRAP – Week 375

You are invited… – How amazing to think that every one of us is invited to the most magnificent wedding feast ever, the greatest reception dinner ever planned, the most extraordinary love story ever told. So, let us make sure that we don't miss the opportunity to RSVP by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour, and enter into the presence of our glorious, gracious, merciful and loving Father in Heaven. Have you accepted this invitation? Will you extend this invitation to those around you? (Revelation 19:6-9)

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