It is such an honour to welcome you to our W@W family. We pray that our amazing Father God will use this platform to reveal Himself to you in a new and fresh way. We pray that He will teach you and help you to gain new insights, perspectives and wisdom on Biblical womanhood.

Our Lord made us in His image and likeness. His design for each one of us is SPECTACULAR. He loves us more than anything. He wants us to succeed in life. He wants to bless us and help us live extraordinary lives that glorify Him.

What an incredible privilege to do life together. Let’s join hands as we discover, embrace and delight in the beauty of God’s design.

To learn more, watch the video clip of W@W highlights and read more about our Online Groups, Webinars and WRAPs below!


W@W Online Groups provide a safe and convenient space for women of all ages, cultures, and Christian denominations to understand their identity in Christ and achieve their God-inspired potential. We learn about God’s divine design for mankind, and why and how He created us. We learn and support each other, and we laugh, cry, pray and worship together.

It’s all about learning Biblical principles for womanhood and living out the beauty of God’s unique design for each one of us. Our Online Groups meet on a weekly basis. We have morning and evening groups in both Afrikaans and English. All you need in order to join a group is an Internet connection. Read more…

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W@W Webinars are all about transforming lives by gaining new perspectives and learning from others! Be inspired by the stories and testimonies of amazing people or learn from the life messages and teachings of our incredible guest speakers.

It’s for everyone and it’s free. Attend this online gathering in the comfort of your home, office, car, a coffee shop, or literarily from anywhere. Join us alone or with a group of friends. All you need is an Internet connection. Subscribe below to receive Webinar information or watch a replay of previous Webinars here…



W@W WRAP = [W]eekly [R]ead [A]ct [P]ray

A W@W WRAP is a short weekly inspirational application of scripture. We start by reading a verse from the Bible. We then discuss practical application to your everyday life and end with a short prayer.

Our hope is that this short clip (podcast) and text will empower you to live a God-first, Christ-led, Holy Spirit-inspired life! View our WRAPs.



We are intentional about presenting Jesus and the gospel to our W@W kids in a way that is fun and relevant. Our intention behind Kids WRAPs is to create an opportunity for you to help the children in your life discover the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ for themselves.

Our hope is that this short clip (podcast) and text will empower you to live a God-first, Christ-led, Holy Spirit-inspired life! View our Kids WRAPs…


W@W is such a blessing in my life! W@W has given me a new opportunity to grow spiritually, to meet with new wonderful people and to serve God’s Kingdom in a fresh and new way.


Women@Work is an exciting way of experiencing togetherness and discovering truths and answers.


W@W for me is simply our Father God spoiling me with sisters in Christ, knowledge and a support system. It’s helping me to apply the study lessons in my life and holding me accountable. It’s a space to pray for one another and a platform to serve others as Jesus did.


W@W is where girls get together to study God’s Word, to understand God’s biblical principles on womanhood and who He wants us to be. Together we explore and question and pray about God’s purpose for our lives.


W@W has been life changing in the way I see myself, my relationship with others and especially my relationship with Jesus. It has liberated me from what the world teaches us on how to behave.


W@W for me is convenience. With this online platform, I can get my kids into bed and from the comfort of my own home, join a group of wonderful ladies to discuss and learn more about God and the lessons learned from that week’s study.