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W@W WRAP – Week 198

Steadfast in praying and determined in our faith… - May we remain confident of this: That we will see the goodness of our Lord here on earth. Because of His saving grace and great love towards us, we can boldly push through any circumstance. We don’t have to give up, or grow impatient in our waiting. Let’s rather take heart, and be strong, brave and courageous. Let’s hold on to our hope, because the One within us will never leave or disappoint us. He has already overcome the world, and there is nothing that can separate us from Him and His love for us! So, let us be steadfast in prayer, standing firm on our faith in Jesus; and by His strength, being a blessing to others here on earth. (Romans 8:37-39; Psalm 27:13-14; Daniel 10:18-19)

W@W WRAP – Week 1982020-10-17T08:17:55+02:00

W@W Kids WRAP 32

Goedheid en liefde... - Mag ons ander lief hê soos wat Jesus ons lief het. Mag ons hulle bemoedig en hoop gee. Mag ons vinnig vergewe en help waar ons kan. Mag ons Jesus se lig van hoop en lewe uitstraal orals waar ons gaan. (Efesiërs 4:32)

W@W Kids WRAP 322020-10-12T18:58:11+02:00

W@W WRAP – Week 197

Standing Strong… - As we face trials or tribulations, we can stand victorious, because of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We have a choice – to either allow the world to shake us, or to remain immovable in our trust in God. So, let us be determined, in all circumstances, to STOP, PAUSE and PRAY about everything. Let’s feed ourselves spiritually every day, to keep the enemy at bay and to enable us to be a shining light to the world around us. May we boldly declare: “We will not be shaken, because we stand immovable in our trust in God!” (Proverbs 18:10)

W@W WRAP – Week 1972020-10-10T07:54:16+02:00

W@W WRAP – Week 196

Wisdom through the seasons of life… - Let’s pray for insight and understanding not only for our current challenges, but for our future seasons of life. I hope that we will trust God unconditionally – with uncontainable joy and perfect peace – as the King of our hearts. May the prayer of our hearts be for God to awaken a deep desire inside of us to gain Godly wisdom and discernment – to know good from evil and right from wrong. May our eyes be opened to see how to encourage others through wise words of hope and love, and through acts of kindness as we navigate through the seasons of our lives. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

W@W WRAP – Week 1962020-10-03T07:57:59+02:00

W@W WRAP – Week 195

Peace be with You! - I pray today that we will die to self and surrender the entirety of our lives to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus, so that we reflect God’s goodness and love everywhere we go. May our greatest desire be to know and love God more intimately. May we run after an authentic relationship with our Heavenly Father, and implant His Word and promises deeply in our hearts. And may we hold onto the truth that Jesus speaks over our lives and the peace that He gives to us – until the day of His return! (Philippians 4:8-9)

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W@W WRAP – Week 194

Trust God and serve Him well! - May we be still in God’s presence and wait quietly and patiently for Him to “visit us”. May we be present in the here and now – trusting God and being content where He has placed us; and taking the next steps to serve Him well in all we do! May we not bow to the pressures of this world or the fears that threaten to cripple us. Let us hold on to truth and by faith, choose to surrender everything to our faithful, loving Heavenly Father. May we be bold and fearless in spreading the good news everywhere we go – not in our own strength, but relying on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and power! (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

W@W WRAP – Week 1942020-09-19T08:04:09+02:00

W@W WRAP – Week 193

In the light of His glory and grace… - Let’s take time today, to reflect on how our Heavenly Father, El Roi, sees us, cares for us and loves us. Let’s allow the light of His glory and grace to shine in and through us as we bow down and worship Him in prayer and thanksgiving for all He is, and for the blessings He bestows upon us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus as we navigate through life. Let’s be faithful in our calling, so that our faith and the work of our hands will produce kingdom-fruit, all for His glory. And may we remain still and at peace in the knowledge that our God reigns forever! (Micah 6:8)

W@W WRAP – Week 1932020-09-12T07:51:06+02:00

W@W WRAP – Week 192

Seek God first! - God is good, loving and faithful! Regardless of challenging or shifting situations in our lives, we can rest in the knowledge that God is always there. He is constant, He is full of grace and He hears us when we pray. May our first response in every situation be to seek Him. That is how our hearts get filled with the life-giving energy and wisdom of the Holy Spirit; so that our lives can overflow with HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE. (Lamentations 3:22-26)

W@W WRAP – Week 1922020-09-05T07:44:51+02:00

W@W Kids WRAP 31

Liewe Jesus se uitnodiging... - Kom ons raak stil en weet dat Jesus ons uitnooi om na Hom toe te kom met ALLES (elke aspek) van ons lewens. Dis amper soos om op Sy skoot te sit en vir Hom alles te vertel wat vir ons lekker en sleg is! Hy is ALTYD by ons. So kom ons luister mooi, na alles wat Hy ons leer en volg Sy leiding, elke sekonde van elke dag! (Matteus 19:14)

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W@W WRAP – Week 191

Peace be still – It is well with my soul! - Here are a few questions I believe will help us grow in our faith-journey: 1) Are you filled with the Holy Spirit or ‘running on empty’ due to busyness, anxiety or fear? 2)Do you rely on your own abilities and limited knowledge, or do you allow the Holy Spirit to work wisdom, power and strength into your life to help you to see things from a heavenly perspective? 3) Are you living out your purpose and calling – obedient and aligned with God’s will and instructions for your life? 4) Are you using the gifts and talents God has given you to advance His Kingdom and glorify His name here on earth? 5) Do you know (spending enough time) and live according to God’s Word (the Bible) – can you recite at least one Bible verse? 6) Is your heart so filled with God’s Spirit, that His love, peace, hope, joy and life spring forth in all you think, feel and do, regardless of your current situation? 7) Do you act with wisdom, kindness and grace, because you have been forgiven of much; and you know that you are blessed and set apart to be a blessing to others? Let us give thanks today and declare: “Lord, It is well with our souls, because of Who You are!” (Psalm 146:1-2)

W@W WRAP – Week 1912020-08-29T07:32:38+02:00
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