W@W WRAP – Week 147

Found in His presence… - To seek God’s face involves seizing the opportunity to have access to Him and being in His presence. Our Lord promises us that He is always with us, to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20); that He will never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6); and that He will be found by us when we earnestly seek Him as the Lord and King of our lives (1 Chronicles 28:9). Do you experience God’s presence in your life? Is seeking Him truly the desire of your heart? Psalm 105:3-4 (AMP): “Glory in His holy name; Let the hearts of those who seek and require the Lord [as their most essential need] rejoice. Seek and deeply long for the Lord and His strength [His power, His might]; Seek and deeply long for His face and His presence continually”.

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W@W WRAP – Week 146

King of our hearts... - Our scripture this week is one short sentence… but packed with so much truth and importance. It’s to the point, precise, affectionate and kind. Yet, also unapologetically focused. It’s an invitation to investigate the true condition of our hearts. There’s a REQUEST, upon which a RESPONSE is required. When God ASKS of us to require His presence as our greatest need, what is our first response? Do we, earnestly, truthfully and wholeheartedly answer: “Yes Lord, the only One we SEEK is You – the King of our hearts!” Psalm 27:8 (AMP): “When You said: “Seek My face [in prayer, require My presence as your greatest need],” my heart said to You: “Your face, O Lord, I will seek [on the authority of Your word]”.

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W@W WRAP – Week 145

Devoted to seeking the Lord… - As I have reflected on our theme around SEEKING HIM, I have pondered over a few pertinent questions: What does my calendar, my smartphone, my social media activity and my bank statement reveal about my priorities? Am I consumed with what others think of me – searching for their acceptance and approval, or am I seeking God, to glorify Him in every area of my life? What is it that we seek after the most? 1 Chronicles 22:19 (NIV): “Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God...”

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W@W WRAP – Week 144

Seeking Him… - Have you ever wondered about the various ways in which we can seek the Lord? Have you ever found yourself searching for something that seems to be missing from your life? When this happens, we so easily look to the things of this world to fill the emptiness... God promises us that if we seek Him wholeheartedly, that He will be found by us!

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W@W WRAP – Week 139

Perfect Peace! - Our response to difficult situations or to tragedies exposes the foundation on which our lives are built. How do you respond when confronted with a crisis? Who do you run to first, when you need help? Once we know the perfect peace of God, we are able to rest in the strength of His everlasting goodness, unfailing faithfulness, immeasurable grace and unconditional love.

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W@W WRAP – Week 138

On the winning side... - Do you believe that God will do everything in His power to save us from the evil plans of the enemy? Even if it looks like evil is prevailing in our day and age, even if we are faced with painful or difficult circumstances – as children of God, we have HOPE! Jesus victoriously defeated the devil, and is now inviting us to join His winning side. God, our Lord, is right next to us, fighting with us against our enemies, fighting to save us (Paraphrased Deuteronomy 20:4).

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W@W WRAP – Week 137

A life of worship... - I was challenged this week to take a deeper look into how our lives (our actions and reactions, the joys and sorrow – the things that flows from our hearts) reflect and worship God. How often do we go through the motion of “worshipping” God with our lips while our hearts are far away from Him? Worship reveals the true condition of our hearts. It reveals who is truly King and Lord over our lives. It reveals who or what holds the highest priority in our lives. Our thoughts, words and actions flow from the condition of our hearts...

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W@W WRAP – Week 136

To be close to God... The most important relationship we have is with our Heavenly Father – this is where our life and existence flow from (Job 33:4). If we want to cultivate an intimate relationship with God, our hearts and flesh (our entire beings) need to cry out to be in His presence (Psalm 121:1-2). How do we achieve being in God’s presence – seeking Him above all else?

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