God is love


Psalm 107:1 (NIV): “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever”.


Let us be determined this week to:

Thank our Lord for His goodness, compassion and faithful love. Let’s thank God, call out His Name, sing to Him, play songs for Him! Let’s rejoice in His Holy Name for He is good, kind and compassionate. He is our redeemer, protector and provider. He is our Father, whose love will never run out! (1 Chronicles 16:8-15 & Psalms 105:1-6)

Call out to God in our hour of need. Whether we are facing difficulty, stress, pain, suffering, grief or illness; being locked up in darkness; or beaten by the storms of this life – we serve a God Who is strong, mighty and trustworthy. Because He loves us, He will deliver and redeem us – if we call on Him. He will give us new direction and change darkness into light. He’ll open the prison doors and free us! He’ll break all bondage and give us new life! He’ll calm the storm and change deserts and dry land into springs of water.

Take note of His wonders, miracles and deliverance. Let’s pay attention to God’s provision, love and goodness in our lives. Let’s tell the whole world who He is! Let’s broadcast His goodness and acts of faithful love towards us, His children.


Father God, thank You for your goodness, compassion and faithful love! We praise Your holy name for You are great! We call on You in our hour of need. Help us! Deliver and redeem us! Thank You for the wonders and miracles in our lives! Thank You that we can depend on You. We give You all the honour, glory and praise! Amen.

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