Reflecting the Gospel


Acts 6 (AMP): “…Stephen, a man full of faith [in Christ Jesus], and [filled with and led by] the Holy Spirit… Now Stephen, full of grace (divine blessing, favor) and power…the wisdom and the intelligence [and the power and inspiration] of the Spirit by whom he was speaking”.


Let us be determined this week to:

Be full of faith. Faith is about persuasion, and moral conviction. It describes our reliance upon Jesus Christ for our salvation. It’s based on an understanding of the Truth that God has revealed through His Word (the Bible), through His character and through the doctrines of Christ. Do we trust and confidently rely on Jesus as our Lord and Saviour? Do our lives reflect faith in our Father God, for Whom nothing is impossible? (Romans 3, 5 & 10; Hebrews 11; 2 Corinthians 5)

Ensure that we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Wisdom, which means understanding and knowledge, is only found in and through the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8). Are we relying on the Holy Spirit for supernatural understanding, ideas beyond comprehension, and discernment in every situation? When we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we are filled with the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. How are we expressing this wisdom and power in our lives?

Be full of God’s grace. Are we showing the same grace we received to those around us? Are we displaying unmerited love and favour to all people? Do we act with kindness and patience wherever we go? (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Rely on our Lord’s strength. Are we trying to act in our own ability? Are we trying to control circumstances? Are we making our own plans? Our amazing Father God, Adonai, asks of us, to trust Him. He is in control. He wants the best for us. His plans for us are extraordinary. For when we are weak, He is strong… For in our weakness, He is glorified! (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)


Father God, thank You for reminding and teaching us that if we are faithful in the small things, You will entrust us with more. It is the desire of our hearts to spend more time in Your presence. Fill us with Your Spirit, with wisdom, supernatural understanding and good discernment. Help us to be gracious towards others. We are strong in You, let Your glory shine through us. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit now! May our lives reflect You! Amen.

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