All for Your glory…


John 17:4 (NIV) – this is what Jesus said to the Father towards the end of His ministry here on earth: “I have brought You glory on earth by finishing the work You gave me to do”.


Let us be determined this week to:

Answer this pertinent question: What are you living for? If you, like others, have struggled or hesitated to answer this question, would you commit to spend time with our loving, faithful Heavenly Father this week – to ask Him to help you find answers? Let’s ask Him to give us fresh revelation regarding the “work” He has given to us in this season. Let’s trust Him to help us understand what we are here for – and how He wants to use us to glorify Him and advance His Kingdom on earth.

Ask God to help us understand our purpose and calling according to His Word. We may need to re-prioritise a few things that are stealing our quality time alone with Him. Let’s go back to God’s Word; let’s ask Him to remind us of His promises over our lives. Let’s write-down important scriptures and recite them often, to cement them deep within our hearts. Let’s consider the amount and quality of time we spend in God’s Word – studying His Truths and applying them to our lives.

Ask God to show us what it means to run our earthly race well. Let’s be deliberate when it comes to making choices, to saying yes or no, and to listening for the Holy Spirit’s direction for our lives. Let’s be intentional about responding to what God asks of us, instead of what the world dictates or what our selfish ambitions drive us to do.

Ask God to make it the conviction of our hearts and the drive behind our words, thoughts and actions; that one day when we meet Jesus, we’ll be able to say to Him: “Lord, we have glorified You on earth by completing the assignments You gave us to do”.


Father God, our desire is to glorify You by accomplishing the work You have set before us. Lord help us to align our priorities, our time and our values, to Your plan and purpose for our lives. May we be intentional about how we spend our days. May what we do, think, and say be for Your glory alone. May our lives radiate Your life-giving, glorious hope and love! We will glorify Your name forever.

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