To see God…


Matthew 5:8 (AMP): “Blessed [anticipating God’s presence, spiritually mature] are the pure in heart [those with integrity, moral courage, and godly character], for they will see God”.


Jesus’ famous message, The Sermon on the Mount (also called The Beatitudes) focuses on the condition of our hearts. Jesus challenges us to act and think differently (by the help of the Holy Spirit), to what the culture and world around us dictates… He urges us to have a tender conscience regarding sin and repentance; humbly trusting God and submitting to the authority of Christ; exercising gentle self-control to prepare the way for God’s control in our lives. He invites us to crave God’s will alone, living righteously before Him and being filled with His Spirit. He urges to us show God-liked compassion toward others; living a lifestyle that is set-apart, with our thoughts and motivations set on Jesus – allowing our hearts to feed all we do and say. This God-pursuing lifestyle involves being others-orientated – quick to forgive and to mend broken relationships; and being committed and willing to stay loyal to Christ and His mission.

But you see, all of the above starts with the condition of our hearts (our inside world) – as all we see manifesting on the outside originates from our inner being (1 Peter 3:3-4; Proverbs 4:23). Going back to our scripture for this week, we learn that “seeing God” – being in His presence, aligned with His will, in right standing before Him and receiving His favour and blessing over our lives; requires a PURE HEART.

Let us be determined this week to:

Examine our hearts. Exams or assessments are usually not a great amount of fun. They typically highlight weaknesses, gaps or areas not fully controlled or understood. We however cannot correct or work toward successfully mastering a concept or action, without knowing or realising when we are lacking in that specific area. Let’s therefore ask the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts, and to reveal to us (even if it’s painful or inconvenient), any impurities, guilt, pride, unforgiveness or any other thing that is keeping us from “seeing God”.

Seek to be in God’s presence. Jesus answered the religious leaders in John 5:19 (NIV) by saying: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does”. May this be true of our lives… That we will be so close to our Heavenly Father, that we will “see” Him; and based on what we “see” Him do, imitate Him, becoming more like Him – living in the fullness of His abundant blessing.


Jesus, thank You that through the cross, You have washed away our sins and paid all our debts. Thank You for redeeming us and allowing us access to Your holy presence. Create in us a clean heart, O God, and renew a right and steadfast Spirit within us (Psalm 51:10). Help us to know You more, and to build a godly character courageously glorifying You in all we do. O Lord, take our hearts and wash them clean – to be undivided, set-apart, focused and aligned to Your will only. Reveal Yourself to us and bless us with Your presence, as we humbly seek Your face.

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