God is in the waiting…


Psalm 27:14 (TPT): “Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting – for He will never disappoint you!”


Let us believe wholeheartedly that God is always with us!

With is a preposition that is used to indicate that people or things are together. It indicates some form of relationship, partnership, fellowship or companionship. The Bible teaches us that God is with us (Ezekiel 37:27; Isaiah 8:10). As David encourages us in Psalm 27, we therefore have no reason to give up, grow impatient or lose hope. God will never leave or disappoint us!

Let us be determined this week to:

Seek God’s presence and His will in all situations. When we are under the Shelter of the most High, we have no reason to be filled with fear or anxiety. The Lord is our refuge and fortress – our stronghold against the storms of life. He will protect us. He will teach us and guide us along the path He has chosen for us. Let’s position ourselves next to Him. Let’s allow Jesus to lead us and not run ahead following our own plans. Let’s rather obediently wait for God’s instructions and His perfect timing. Let’s seek God first in everything, and worship and praise Him while we wait.

Faithfully and confidently expect the Lord to come through for us. Let’s refrain from growing impatient and taking matters into our hands. Let’s rather trust that it’s not fruitless to wait, and that God is giving us grace – preparing us for what comes next. Our Father God is good, faithful and loving – He cannot and will not ever let us down. He is with us – so let’s stay with Him, keeping our hope alive, and confidently expecting His outcomes for our lives.


Father God, thank You for the promise that You are always with us. Thank You that we don’t have to lose heart or grow weary in times of waiting for prayers to be answered, but that we can stay strong and confident and know that You are in control and that Your timing is perfect. We declare today: We will not be filled with fear or worries, and we won’t quit but will put our trust in You. We will seek Your will and to be in Your presence. We will put our focus on You and praise and worship You while we wait. Father help us in our hour of need. Teach us Your ways and lead us on level paths. We wait for and confidently expect Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

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