W@W WRAP – Week 209

God’s goodness and faithfulness will follow us all the days of our lives! - As we continue our journey through Psalm 23, let’s glorify our Father God for all He has done for us in 2020. Let’s ask Him to go before us in 2021 – to lay the table before us. Let’s respond to His invitation to be Lord over our lives; expecting His will, direction and blessings to flow in and through us. As we allow His GOODNESS and FAITHFULNESS to pursue us each day in 2021, we will find PEACE and HAPPINESS in the presence of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! (Psalm 23:6)

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W@W WRAP – Week 208

Glory Hallelujah to our Good, Loving and Faithful Shepherd King! - Psalm 23 may be one of the most familiar passages in the Bible, yet it provides us with life-giving hope and comfort as we journey through life. It reminds us that our good, good Shepherd not only cares deeply about every aspect of our lives; but that He provides for all of our needs, He protects us, He leads us, He is faithful to always be with us, and He even gave His own life to save us! May we worship and celebrate our Shepherd. May we sing: “Holy, Holy, Holy – Glory Hallelujah to our King and Saviour – now and forever!” (John 10:14-15)

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W@W WRAP – Week 207

Seasons come and go… BUT we have a Firm Foundation! - As we prepare our hearts for the festive season, let’s ask God to help us reflect on 2020 and show us the things that are hindering us from growing spiritually – areas in our lives that need adjustment. Let’s ask Him to quieten our hearts and clear the way for all that He has planned for us in 2021. BUT most of all, let us give thanks and praise our Heavenly Father for being our solid foundation in every season of life. Regardless of the ups or downs, the highs or lows, the gains or losses – one thing remains: God is good and faithful, He is our firm foundation, our Shepherd. His timing is perfect and His loving-kindness endures forever! (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

W@W WRAP – Week 2072020-12-19T08:19:34+02:00
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