“Vroue van die Bybel 2” Online Series

The Bible is composed of many stories of men and women and their relationship with our loving Father God who created them. Learning from the lives of the women in the Bible is both valuable and uplifting. It helps us to gain knowledge and wisdom from observing their successes and helps us to avoid similar failures.

This study is for you if you would like to learn life and leadership lessons from the lives of women in the Bible. Ask the Lord to help you make positive character changes based on what you learn. Ask God to help you grow and mature in your walk with Him!

What is the “Vroue van die Bybel 2” study about?

Our first Vroue van die Bybel series was such an amazing learning experience, so we’ve invited the same six guest speakers to present on a different woman named in the Bible in series 2… In this study, we discover and unpack the lives and stories of a number of incredible Women of the Bible. As we review their lives and circumstances we pray that God will open our hearts to new perspectives and show us how to practically apply what we learn. This study is broken down into six interactive sessions. Each study is preceded by preparation and self-study. This group comes together, online, once a week on a Wednesday morning at 8:00 – 9:00am (GMT+2). In the first 35-40 minutes we have a guest speaker who will unpack the truths and facts around that week’s particular woman (i.e. Ruth, Hagar, Rachel, Leah, Mary, Deborah, etc.). 10 minutes are used for group discussion and sharing. The remaining minutes are used for prayer and sharing of our lives with one another.

How does the “Vroue van die Bybel 2” Series work?

Starting: Wednesday morning, 10 April 2019, 8:00am-9:00am (GMT+2)

Language: Afrikaans

Meeting time: 1 hour per week

Register here: https://app.womenatwork.online

Cost: Free to join an online group.

Other requirements: A study workbook will be provided at no cost.  A stable Internet connection is recommended via any Internet enabled device (i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet, phone). As an alternative you can also dial-in via telephone line.

“Vroue van die Bybel 2” Outline

Topic 1: Rut (Ruth)

Topic 2: Hagar

Topic 3: Ragel en Lea (Rachel and Leah)

Topic 4: Maria (Mary)

Topic 5: Debóra (Deborah)

Topic 6: Mevrou Niemand (Women of the new testament – not named)

Other important information…

Day and Time

One hour online get-together via a platform called Zoom on a Wednesday morning at 8:00-9:00am (GMT+2).


We use a platform called Zoom to connect online. Click on the link to download Zoom, there is no other requirement, once you’ve joined a group you will be issued with you Zoom ID. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@wow-womenatwork.com or watch this quick “how to” video on installing and running Zoom.

Course work

A study workbook will be available for download.


Please like our Facebook Page to receive the latest updates and information. Once you’ve joined the online group, your group leader will add you to a WhatsApp group for weekly updates and discussions.

Example of weekly agenda

7.50am: Login and establish Zoom connection

8.00am: Welcome & Introduction

8.05am: Truths and facts about the specific week’s Woman of the Bible

8.45am: Practical application and group discussion

8:55am: Prayer requests for week (please also make use of our online APP to submit prayer requests anytime)

8:57am: Group Admin / Announcements / Other Information

9:00am: End

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