Reën Sag Op My Gees… Aanlyn Studiegroep

(Rain Softly On My Spirit… Online Study Group)

Your story matters! The things that we go through, plot the journey of our destiny. But sometimes our journey gets deviated with a sudden dead-end or diversion, and then we need to make some adjustments and learn new survival techniques. ‘Reën Sag Op My Gees’ is a journey of restoration, where you can experience the stages of becoming truly free of past traumas through the metaphor of the Tabernacle, ultimately bringing you into a deep presence of our Lord in the Holy of Holies as a new being with purpose for God’s Kingdom.

What is the ‘Reën Sag Op My Gees’ Online Study about?

This online study will help you to unpack and draw from your own life adventure-map, to discover your godly inner-treasures. Join a small group of women as they come together online, once a week, to unpack how our circumstances become our destiny and not our diagnosis. Come and walk with us through the Tabernacle and hear what God wants to reveal to you through this journey. Study resources will be provided weekly. As an additional resource order the book, Rain on my Spirit’ by Elizabeth Myburgh online.

How does a W@W Online Study Group work?

Introduction and welcome session: Our first meeting will be an Introduction and Welcome Session. For this session all you will need is your laptop / cell phone, a good Internet connection and a warm cup of coffee. During this session we will discuss in detail how your study will run each week, what you need to do, how you can prepare for your study and lot’s more.

When: Wednesday evenings at 19:00-20:00pm (GMT+2). Kindly note that this group is now closed for registrations. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms for new group starting dates.

Language: Afrikaans   

Cost: Free to join an online group

Study book: Study resources will be provided weekly. As an additional resource order the book, Rain on my Spirit’ by Elizabeth Myburgh from Wholeness Ministries.

Other requirements:  A stable Internet connection is recommended via any Internet enabled device (i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone). As an alternative you can also dial-in via telephone line.

‘Reën Sag Op My Gees’ Bible Study Outline

Topic 1: Let the Adventure Begin – Discover All You Need for Your Journey!

Topic 2: Your Story Matters – What Broke my Heart?

Topic 3: What Keeps me Trapped and How Do I Stay Enroute?

Topic 4: Let Every Thought and Emotion Count to Move me Forward.

Topic 5: I Am Who You Say I Am. Here I Am to Worship and Serve Your People.

Topic 6: Let it Rain… Stripped Off Of All Who I Am and Receiving by Grace, All of Who You Are.

Topic 7: My Tabernacle Prayer – Hearing Heaven Softly Whispering in the Wind.

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Other important information…


Please like our Facebook Page to receive the latest updates and information. Once you’ve joined the online group, your group leader will add you to a WhatsApp group for weekly updates and discussions, if you do not have Whats App, download it here. Please also let us know if you would like to receive W@W News and Event updates to ensure you stay up to date on what’s happening in the life of W@W via email ( or WhatsApp (+27 67 150 9024)!

Example of weekly agenda

18:55pm: Login and establish Zoom connection

19:00pm: Welcome & How is everyone doing?

19:10pm: Study discussion and Questions

19:45pm: Practical application

19:50pm: Prayer requests for week (You’re welcome to email us at any time

19:57pm: Group Admin / Announcements / Other Information

20:00pm: End

Feel and experience what a W@W Online Group is all about!

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