W@W WRAP – Week 142

Foundation-Stones... - Marriage and family are God's design. When we honour and commit to building and investing in our families, we are expressing God’s heart. As we continue to look at God’s original design for marriage and families, the insights and thoughts of our friends and family revealed the following 12 foundation-stones for healthy marriages and families: 1) God-first, Christ-led, Holy Spirit-inspired living; 2) Commitment to the Word of God; 3) Continual and consistent prayer; 4) Unconditional love; 5) Unity and oneness; 6) Companionship; 7) Forgiveness; 8) Servanthood; 9) Protection; 10) Surrender to God; 11) Connectedness; and 12) Generational impact.

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W@W WRAP – Week 141

Who is building your house? - As we continue to look at God’s original design for marriage and family life, I felt God prompting me to ask myself some important and challenging questions. Would you take time this week to consider these questions? 1) What is your understanding of a healthy and strong marriage and family? 2) How do you think healthy, strong families influence healthy, strong communities and ultimately nations? 3) If you are concerned about your family, what Bible verse do you reference first? What is your first response? 4) Reflecting on your family and marriage – what is one way you have grown and developed personally, and in your family relationships? 5) What advice would you share with couples and families going through tough times?

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W@W WRAP – Week 140

You Belong! - What does family mean to you? Do you feel loved and welcomed by your family (or extended family)? The world around us has changed significantly over the past few years – with the advancement of technology; the influence of Social Media; and shifting priorities, cultural standards, and belief systems. No wonder many people believe that the definition of marriage and family has evolved… but let’s not be deceived. Let’s go back to the original design for marriage and family life!

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