Satisfied in Jesus…


John 6:35 (AMP): “Jesus replied to them, ‘I am the Bread of Life. The one who comes to Me will never be hungry, and the one who believes in Me [as Savior] will never be thirsty’ [for that one will be sustained spiritually]”.


Let us be determined this week to:
Commit to daily devotional time. Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the thought of spending time in God’s Word? Jesus came to set us free (John 8:36). He promises to fill our deepest hunger (that desire for happiness and to live full, content and purpose-driven lives; and even our need to be ‘good enough’ or to do the ‘right things’) when we come to Him.
But how do we do that? We intentionally seek to be in His presence – reading the Bible, worshipping Him through singing, praying, meditating on His Word, journaling, quietening our hearts and resting in His presence, and fellowshipping with other believers. Let’s become intentional about our schedules and the time we dedicate to being filled by the Source (the true fountain of life). This will satisfy our hunger, and enable us to live in the fullness of our calling.
Believe and trust that our Lord will satisfy our souls. Jesus promises that when we believe in Him as our Saviour, He will sustain us. He will provide us with Godly-vision, Kingdom-purpose, divine discernment, wisdom, love, guidance, peace and joy! He will fill the empty void in our hearts with living water. He will become our great Reward and will quench our thirst as we pursue Him.

I love how John Piper explains what it means to be satisfied in Jesus. He says that: “It is our God-given, Bible-mandated duty, at every moment of our lives, to strive to be more satisfied in God as our supreme Treasure”. He explains further that: “God is most GLORIFIED in us, when we are most SATISFIED in Him”. (Paraphrased)

May we run to Jesus to sustain and satisfy our souls!


Dear Lord Jesus, would You please create an unquenchable thirst in our hearts for more of You. We want to dedicate our schedules and our time to know You more intimately. We want to make being in Your Word and being in Your presence our first priority for 2020. Fill us afresh with Your living water – quench our thirst and hunger with your everlasting hope, peace, joy and love. We believe in You as the Lord and King of our lives. Please satisfy the longings of our hearts so that our lives will glorify You in all we do. We love You and honour You.

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