God’s Word is our lamp…


Psalm 119:105 (NIV): “Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”.


Let us be determined this week to:
Re-establish a hunger and thirst for God’s Word. Blessing and favor become accessible when we know and honour God. To know God, we need to know His Word. The key to lasting and eternal fruitfulness (being a blessing to those around us and living fully as God created us to be) is found in our relationship with Him. So, let’s focus on making time for God’s Word and His presence! Let’s study, meditate, and memorise it day and night. Let’s find happiness, strength, refreshing, and productivity by living a God-first and Word-obeying life! The Word truly is a lamp that will illuminate the path ahead of us!


Lord, our prayer for 2020 is that we will walk according to Your Word. That we will seek You first in all we do. That we will fully obey Your will and that we will always praise You for every good blessing You have poured out upon us. We don’t want to see our time spending with You as just another ‘check-box’ chore or the right thing to do. Help us to be encouraged to see our time with You as valuable and priceless to our own growth and understanding of our unique journeys with You. Teach us and guide us into a fuller understanding of who You are. Show us Your ways. Turn our hearts to long after only one thing: more of You! Help us to experience and know that the greatest joy and peace we could ever experience can be found by being grounded in Your Word and being filled with Your Holy Spirit. Let us have determined hearts to follow Your direction, and please fill us with Your joy and peace! Light our paths. Show us the next step. We are ready to walk where You lead! We love You!

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