God – Our Shepherd…

Read and Act:

As we approach the end of the year, let’s remember that God is good and faithful! He is our Shepherd, our provider and protector, our reason for joy, love, peace and hope!

As we enter the new year, let us together with David, affirm Psalm 23 over ourselves and our loved ones:
The Lord is our Shepherd – to feed, to guide and to shield us. We therefore always have more than enough.
He is our source of peace, joy and rest.
He quietens our hearts; and revives and restores our lives with His unending, unfailing love, goodness, kindness and mercy.
He is the lamp beneath our feet, and guides us on the path He has set before us – so that we can bring glory to His name.
He makes us feel secure. Regardless of the past; and even if the new year holds some deep and dark valleys of challenge, difficulty or death – we do not need to fear. Our Lord is always with us. He walks by our side and He will never leave or forsake us.
He will protect and guide us. He will comfort and console us. His authority gives us strength.
He will prepare a table for us, to nourish and sustain us – even as we face our enemies or the storms of life.
He will anoint and refresh us with His joy and peace forever.
He will shower us with gifts and blessings – to the point where our cups brim over.

So, why would we fear the future?
We have the assurance that His goodness and mercy, His unfailing love will follow us each and every day of 2020!

We can confidently expect that we will be refreshed and renewed in the presence of our Lord – the King of our hearts. Our hope is secure that we will return home to Him one day.


Lord, thank You that we can commit our new year and all that we do to You. Thank You that You will establish the path before us. Thank You that You will guide us in Your truth and teach us. Thank You for the assurance that we can find all that we need in You! Thank You for the promise of Your goodness, love and mercy that will follow us each and every day of the new year. May we find ourselves renewed in Your presence this year – as we seek to have You sitting on the throne, as the King of our hearts. We love You, we honour You and we glorify Your most holy name.

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