Amazing love!
Lord, it’s our joy to honour and glorify You!


2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV): “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”


Let us be determined this Easter to:

Know that our Lord reigns forever, and He is making all things new. His mercy and grace are boundless, and nothing is impossible for Him. Regardless of our circumstances or challenges, we can find rest in the knowledge that God our Father has given us His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us, make us new and grant us eternal life. So, may we speak the name of Jesus over everything we face, knowing that in Him is power, and through Him, we can find joy by walking in His light! This Easter, as we gaze upon the cross, may we see freedom. As we encounter the grave, may we experience Jesus’s love. May we rejoice in the wonder of His amazing grace, knowing that we are saved from death, despair and darkness to experience His glorious light, hope and eternal life.

Never waste the new life we have in Jesus. Through Jesus, we are welcomed into the family of our Father God. We are no longer slaves to fear and sin, but cherished children of God, purified, forgiven, born-again and Spirit-filled. So, let us take every opportunity to share the good news of salvation wherever we go. Let us be an army of prayer warriors, humbly coming before our Lord, standing in awe of His majesty and splendour, and glorifying and honouring His Holy name!


Lord, we thank You that, especially in this Holy Week, we can renew our understanding. Deepen our understanding of who You are, and exactly what You came to do for us. We know we couldn’t earn it, and there’s no way we could have reached this new life by ourselves. As You also asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” And we could only but say, “Oh God, You know the only way these dry bones may live, is if You command them.” Lord, we thank You for breathing new life into us. We pray that we won’t waste it. We pray that we will be Your hands and feet no matter how hard it is. If it means that we have to take up our own cross, die to ourselves. If it means rejection from our communities, friends, and families because we’re worshipping and obeying Your every Word, so be it, God. We pray for strength in those times. We pray for those times when we know we should have done something; we know we should have been Your army, but we just idly stand by. We pray for forgiveness. May that not happen again. Holy Spirit, fill our lives, control our lives and give us the strength and wisdom in those tough times, in those decisions that we have to decide to be Your army. Holy Spirit, come take control in those times. We ask this in Your Holy, Holy name.

Jesus, thank You that in You the new can begin, the old can die, and that we can stand fresh, born-again, Spirit-filled, and purified because of what You did, Christ Jesus. And it’s only in You that we get to experience this. My prayer today, Jesus, is that You will bless everybody who hears this message, that they will be filled with Your Spirit, and that they will know Your truth on a brand new level today. May You make us fresh. May You make us new. And may we run after You with everything in us.

Lord, thank You that You are good. Lord, thank You that You are great and that we can continue seeking Your heart, Lord, because You are greater than our minds can ever understand. Lord, I ask that You will have grace on us as we seek You. Lord, that You will reveal Yourself to us and that we can continue to stand in awe of who You are, Lord. But I ask that You will also fill our hearts to such an extent that it just overflows in our daily doings, Lord, that other people may also see Your goodness through the things that we do. I pray it in Your name alone.

Lord, we declare that all of our hope is in You and that You have set us free, that no bondage can hold us, that no unforgiveness can hold us. We are free, and we are a new creation. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. Amen.

(This WRAP is with great appreciation to Carli, Jaco, Bruwer, Lemarque and Gerdie)

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