Our Only Constant!


Malachi 3:6 (AMP): “For I am the Lord, I do not change [but remain faithful to My covenant with you]; that is why you, O sons of Jacob, have not come to an end.”


Let us be determined this week to:

Remember that in our constantly changing world, true joy and everlasting peace can only be found in a deep and intimate relationship with our Lord. His love and grace surpass all earthly circumstances, bringing contentment and joy to our souls. So let us hold on to the following truths:
– Our Lord never gives up on us.
– He is always waiting for us to turn back to Him.
– Success in God’s Kingdom is defined differently from worldly success. It is about shining His light and serving others, which requires us to sacrifice our own interests and desires. It is about obeying, trusting, and loving God above all else.
– God’s Kingdom purposes always prevail.
– He takes care of everything in our lives.
– When we seek God wholeheartedly, we will find Him. And as we seek Him, we will get to see Him.

Realise that changes can cause fear in our hearts. However, with God on our side, we can choose life over death, hope over despair, and faith over fear, regardless of what we see or experience in this world. May we always trust God unconditionally, run towards Him, and rely on His Word, which is where we can find truth and assurance, giving us the strength to confront life’s trials and changes in our lives with faith. Let us remember that Jesus came so that we may have life, life in abundance, and bear spiritual fruit activated through our Lord’s love.

At the end… It’s comforting to know that our Lord remains the same even when the world around us is changing rapidly. He loves us for who we are and also desires for us to grow and be transformed through His power so we can become more like Him. I love the old adage: “If we always do, what we’ve always done, we will always be, what we’ve always been.” May we have the courage to change for Jesus, with His help and for His glory, in every season of our lives.


Our Lord God, our heavenly, merciful, gracious, loving Father, today we stand before You in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us and allowed us to have a deeper intimate relationship with You. I ask God, that You would help us to seek. Remind us to ask. Knock on the doors of our hearts so that we will open for You. We thank You Lord. And Lord, we love You because, as Your Word says, You loved us first. And I thank You, Lord. Our hearts overflow with joy. You are first in our lives. We thank You, Lord.

I pray that God will open your mind, ears, eyes, and heart so that you will hear His voice clearly. And then, once you’ve heard His voice, that you will be obedient. I pray that you are protected. I pray that you will be abundantly blessed and feel God’s love in your heart.

Oh Father, thank You for opening our eyes that we may see You, opening our ears that we may hear You, and opening our hearts that we may feel Your presence. Thank You for Your Word that assures us that You do not hide Your face from us and that when we look for You, we will find You. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

So Father, I want to thank You today for Your Word. Thank You that Your Word brings light. Thank You for allowing us to enjoy the light You want to give us. The light that removes the darkness in our lives because we want to walk by faith. We don’t want to walk by fear. Thank You that where there’s any darkness, any fear in our lives, we will just give it to You and say, “Father, here I am. I want to walk by faith, faith that works through love because we love You”. You are a good, good Father, and we bless You today for who You are.

Dear Lord Jesus, we just thank You so much that You are so good, Father. You are so gracious to us, that You love us, that You just beckon us and call us to move forward, to walk with You, to change and to grow, and to become more like Jesus every single day, Father God. And we just pray that You would help us continue on our journeys, Father God. And we pray that You would help us be bold and take a stand in Your name, Father God, against the enemy. And we would walk forward in freedom and break free from any chains. Father God, that we would see change in our life, all to bring You the glory, Father. We love You. In Your precious name, we pray. Amen.

(This WRAP is with great appreciation towards Carina, Monique, Debbie, Martie and Kristen)

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