God’s Rescue Plan!


John 3:16 (NKJV): “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”


Let us be determined this week to apply God’s rescue plan to our lives by:

Living in such a way that our lives reflect God’s love, grace and redemption plan. We read in Galatians 1:4 (NLT) that “Jesus gave his life for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live.” Because we have been saved by grace, we are all part of the great commission. We are all called into ministry. Are we willing to be a witness for Jesusproclaiming hope, love, peace, and sharing how he has rescued us? Whether it’s a big or small task, let’s remain present in the moment and attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to see the need around us. May we allow Jesus to fill our hearts with extravagant love, compassion and wisdom so that we can share His love, grace, and the hope we find in Him.

Cultivating an honest and authentic personal relationship with God, our Father. Having an intimate relationship with God involves not only knowledge about Him but the experience of being in His presence. It is an amazing thing to be saved, to receive an eternal future, and access to our Heavenly Father, through Jesus. Growing in our relationship with God requires that we intentionally spend time in God’s Word and in silence to hear Him speak. We find contentment in this place of surrender, and our hearts are filled with God’s love, peace, provision, joy, and hope.

Understanding the importance and power of prayer. Our faith journey is linked to the prayers we pray. We read in James 1:5 (NLT), “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking”. May we follow Jesus’ example and dedicate our lives and time to prayer. May prayer be our priority, as it enables us to step into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. Through prayer, we understand the will of God and trust that He is in control. We discover that we lack nothing because we serve a faithful God.


Lord, we just want to say thank You that You are intimately involved in our lives. Thank You, that You want to be relatable to us. Lord, You are so different from us, and yet we are created in Your image in such a way that we can relate to You. We get to catch glimpses of You. Thank You, that we can live a life of relationship and love and not of fear. Lord, I pray that whatever we preach and live out may portray the image of what You have in mind for our relationship with You as Your bride, Your sons, and Your daughters.

Abba Father, we thank You that You love us and have a special plan and a purpose for each of us. You created us for such a time as this. We long to be used by You, and to share Your love and hope with others. Often You work best in small,  one-on-one moments. We love You, Lord, and we rejoice in Your love.

Lord Jesus, Master of both light and darkness – send Your Holy Spirit upon us in this time. We have so much to do, and we need to seek a quiet space to hear Your voice each day. Help us Lord, to find the time and that space to be with You. Holy Spirit, help us to stay calm. Deliver us from evil by blessing us with the things that Christ brings. Teach us to be merry with clear hearts. Help us to remember to spread hope, peace, love and joy to others. And may Your kingdom come in our lives and in the world.

Father God, thank You that we cannot put any earthly measure to Your goodness, Your faithfulness and Your provision. We thank You that You are faithful. We thank You for Your Son Jesus and His life which is an example for us today. Father, help us to drop our tape measures, help us Lord, to seek You first in all that we need. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. We love You Lord, and in Jesus’ name we pray these things.

Abba, I just want to thank You today for Yeshua. Thank You for the life that we can have in Him. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit. Thank You that Your Holy Spirit is our comforter, wanting to lead us and guide us every day. Today I pray that we will be filled anew with Your Spirit. Like the wise virgins, we need extra oil in our lamps so that we will have Your wisdom, Your discernment like never before. I pray for every family represented here today, Father, that You will pour out Your blessings upon them, blessings that they will not be able to contain. That they will be a blessing to others. Father, I thank You that we have this time to encourage one another and to run this race of faith. In the name of Yeshua, our Messiah. Amen and Amen.

(This WRAP is with great appreciation to Tracey, Dirkie, Ingrid, Nicole & Martie)

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