Nothing is too hard for our God…


Jeremiah‬ 32:27‬ (NKJV): “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?”


Let us be determined this week to:

Know that God is alive in us. May we be reminded that our Lord is always at work in our lives, even if at times we cannot see it… May the cry of our hearts be: “Lord, we trust You in all situations, as we stand on Your promises knowing that You are faithful and Your timing is always perfect”.

Let our hearts be filled with a revelation of our Father’s unlimited and unconditional love for us and for all His children. Let us allow this profound truth to soak into the depths of who we are, so that it becomes a heartfelt reality in our lives.

Access God as our source of Living Water. He is the One who fills us with life, joy, peace and hope. These flow in and through us, so that we may be refreshed and renewed – demonstrating bold faith and trusting God’s unlimited hand of blessing and guidance in our lives. May we allow God’s river of living water to flow over us today, not doubting anything but knowing that His plan and purpose will prevail!

Step out in faith. God’s story and His plans are so much bigger than each of us! May we be open and willing to allow Him to use our life-stories to glorify Him. May we play the exact part God created us for. Let’s build strong faith-foundations, so that those around us and the generations to come will be impacted. May we be a people of faith, walking in faith, because we confidently believe that nothing is impossible for God!

Let us enter God’s presence everyday with gratitude in our hearts – knowing that His goodness, love and faithfulness will never fail us! Nothing is too hard for our God!


Father, thank You for Your goodness and thank You that You can do the impossible. You said we must become like little children – trusting our Heavenly Father. Thank You that we can trust You. Thank You that we can come to You any time of the day; and that You are never too busy to listen and to hear what we want to say to You.

Jesus, we want to experience Your living water bubbling up inside of us – giving us new life!
Thank You for Your Spirit that is working within us to make us new creations. May we be like a bubbling fountain of joy in this world.

Father, thank You, that You seek out the sinner. You draw us back to Yourself when we fail, when we mess up, when we do the things we shouldn’t do. It is You that is committed to us. You come to us even though we don’t know it. I pray, for all of us, that we would learn that when we mess up, when we fail, we can just stay where we are and open our eyes.

Our Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your faithfulness over us. You are our refuge and our strength, our very present help in times of trouble. Troubles bombard us from all corners of this fallen world, but Your Word assures us that You are always with us. You will never leave us nor forsake us. Forgive us Lord, when we doubt You in times of suffering. You have given us all the support we need through Your Word and through the people You have placed in our lives. I pray that we will continue to run to You, even in those times when we fail to see what you are doing.

Lord, thank You so much that all of this doesn’t depend on me! I am part of a story that is much bigger than I am. Lord, Your kingdom is much more consequential than my insignificant contribution. Please help me to remember that. Please help me to live in a way that constantly pushes others forward, and brings them along on the journey. Help me to invest in others around me – people who will continue to build even when I stop building. Just help us to broaden our perspective. In Your name, Amen.


(This WRAP is with great appreciation to Heinz, Lucinda, Annelie, Martie & Rumbie)

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