The plans of our Lord – Restore, Renew and Revive!


Psalm 33:11 (NIV): “But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations”.


Let us be determined this week to:

Restore and rebuild our lives. What is God saying to you right now? What is the promise that He has given to you personally? God is the always the same, He is unchanged. He is constantly there and always ready to shower us with His grace and mercy! What is needed for your life to be restored and to be rebuilt. May we be confident that our God is faithful. That joy comes in the morning. That our Lord is with us and that His plans for us will ALWAYS prevail!

Become more Christ-like. Wisdom, kindness and humility are wonderful gifts from the Father! Wisdom equips us to know right from wrong; and it enables us to handle issues the moment they arise. This is because the foundation of wisdom is God Himself. Kindness involves the ability to look past hurt or offence, to simply love each other. Humility helps us to serve those around us wholeheartedly, without a self-seeking motive. May we clothe ourselves with God’s gifts of love, grace, wisdom, kindness, and humility.

Step out and do what God called us to do. God doesn’t call the qualified, but He does qualify the called. Is there a mismatch between what God calls you to do and what you think you can do? What is holding you back from your purpose and calling? Do we rely on the strength of Christ and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, or do we shy away from pursuing what God created us for, because of our insecurities? May we be obedient to God’s call on our lives.


Father, I thank You that you are a God who promises restoration, and Who is sure to see it come to pass. I pray that we will cling now, more than ever, to the words of the prophets through whom You have spoken. May we cling to Your promises – believing for the restoration that You have promised us. I thank You Father that although weeping may endure for a night, joy will come in the morning. I thank You that You are a God, who is able to establish the Word that you have sent forth. We know that Your Word will not return to You void. And we stand here today, believing that You are a good Father. I pray Father, that You will start a fire in our hearts for this restoration. I pray that we will have a passion for what You are doing in our midst. And I pray Father, that you will stir up our prophetic imagination  that we will see as You see, that we will speak what You have shown us, Father. I pray that you will give us a sensitivity to hear Your Word to not only be hearers of Your Word, but also doers.

Father, thank You for giving us precious metal, precious jewellery, and precious stones as a means of creativity to express our identity. Thank You Father for creative jewellery not only to express our personal identity, but to metaphorically express our Godly identity. Help us Father to carry Your identity with grace and dignity. Help us to choose a necklace of kindness, humility and wisdom, so that Your grace will forever be around our necks. Holy Spirit, please remove any jewellery that is not from Christ, that is not of the Spirit, or that we wear out of self-righteousness, arrogance, or pride. Clothe us Father with Your beauty.

Lord, I thank You for what You did on the cross and for the Holy Spirit. Lord, I know I fall far short, in that I don’t give Your Holy Spirit enough space in my life to work and bring the change that needs to happen. I just ask that You pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us even more.

Father, we thank You so much that You do not change. So much around us changes. If we’re honest, this causes stress and anxiety; and we’re quick to fill our minds with things other than You. Oh God, please help us to run to Your Word, to talk to You, to remember who You are. You do not lie, You keep Your promises to all generations; and You are the steadfast rock beneath our feet. Lord we praise You for who You are. Help us to reflect on who You are. Help us know that You are our driving force, our hope, our strength, our shield and our refuge.

Heavenly Father, would You forgive us for our disobedience, for sometimes nurturing a divided heart. Would You give us Your heart, would You break our hearts for what breaks Your heart. And would You help us to be obedient to the call to bring the gospel of the good news  the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.


(This WRAP is with great appreciation to Boipelo, Michael, Zilke, Philomena, Marisa)

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