Rejoice in the God of our Salvation…


Habakkuk 3:17-18 (KJV): “Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls – Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation”.


Let us be determined this week to:

Find our HOPE in God! We live in uncertain times. Perhaps you feel as if you are wandering in a wasteland… But we have a choice! Will we choose to be shaken – moaning and complaining – feeling down all the time? Or, will we look to God and hide ourselves in Him – in His loving, trustworthy and caring arms. You may wonder how and where we find HOPE and REJOICE in times like this… Let’s proclaim today: Our HOPE and SALVATION are found in the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. We will rejoice in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.
Find our IDENTITY and CALLING in Christ. If you look in the mirror, what do you see? A mirror doesn’t only reflect our outward appearance but tells us so much about what is going on in our minds and hearts. We so often see externally based on what we believe internally. May we allow God to transform us according to His perfect will for each one of us! May we ask God to fill us with His SPIRIT, with His TRUTH and with His LOVE – so that we will be ready to go where He calls us… sowing the love of Christ into the lives of those around us. Next time, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, may we see what Jesus sees. Let’s remember that what we think about ourselves – the foundation of our identity – is a significant hinge in our relationship with God.

So let us remember this week:
We have hope because Jesus gave all of Himself to us. This was unconditional love: even to the point of death. If we truly understood this type of love, we would look at our own lives and the lives of those around us very differently. God is choosing us, God is calling us, God is loving on us. Regardless of our circumstances, regardless of the desert we may be finding ourselves in – He is faithful! God’s promises are true – they are yes and amen in Christ. We do not have to be afraid, because He is always with us. We can rejoice, receive His peace and have hope! May we go out, and may our lights shine so brightly, that our lives will point others to Jesus.


Father, I ask God that this wasteland will not be wasted. May our situation in this wasteland not be wasted. Instead, may we allow ourselves to be fed by You, to be nurtured by You. Help us meet You in the middle of the confusion, in the middle of the distress, in the middle of the financial difficulties. We want to meet You here and allow ourselves to be led and fed by You.

Abba Father, what if the oil is the souls of the lost? Then we are at a critical time in history. Never before have there been so many lost people, people needing You. We need to go out and love them with Your love. Help us, open doors, and give us venues through which we can work – bringing Your love to a broken world. Help us to fill our lamps with truth, with Your Holy Spirit, with intimacy and above all else, with love.

Our Heavenly Father, we come to You in the precious, wonderful, loving, beautiful, powerful, mighty name of Jesus. We thank You Lord, that You gave Your Son, whom You love so much, for us because You loved us. And Lord we ask You to help us to hold onto that love, and the promise that You love us unconditionally. Thank You that Your grace is there for us and sufficient for us, even if we don’t feel strong. Your grace is always there. Thank You Lord for Your mercy; thank You for forgiveness; and thank You for Your love. Thank You so much that You made us in Your image. We thank You Lord that You chose each of us.

Father God we thank You so much that You are a God that we can trust. You are a Father that keeps His promises. As we go through the dark night of our soul, let us focus, let us remember the promises that You have already fulfilled in our lives and in the lives of those around us; so that we can trust You to keep Your promises. We can know that it is going to be yes and amen. Father, we ask that You will continue to give us dreams and visions. Would you help us to focus, day by day, step by step, on what You want us to do while we wait these things to come to pass. Jesus bless each one of us, strengthen our faith through whatever is going on. Thank You Lord.

Thank You Jesus, that You loved us first. And God, my ask is that You would galvanise and write onto our hearts, this purpose, this calling, this challenge. You have given and imparted something of wisdom to each and every one of us. And I pray in that wisdom, that we would be able to walk out Your mandate, walk out the purpose, walk out the calling You have for us. May we do this despite suffering, in the midst of the pain, in the midst of the loss, and in the midst of dread. May we walk it out and demonstrate a revelation of You Lord, a revelation of a risen Christ. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.


(This WRAP is with great appreciation to Carina, Lucinda, Tracey, Ina, Mike)

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