Self-evaluation… BUT in God we trust!


Matthew 7:13-14 (NIV): “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”


Let us be determined this week to ask God for wisdom to:

Look inwardly and search our hearts and thoughts. Let us pray continuously for God to search our hearts and give us the courage to turn away from the things that do not please Him. May we be flexible to adjust our course continuously, staying aligned with His will and direction for our lives. May we be still enough to listen and hear what God is telling us, and may we respond in obedience – ultimately as worship back to our Creator!
Look outwardly and examine the condition of our relationships. God invests in relationships – His very nature is one of serving and loving. So, let’s ask Him to show us any baggage that may weigh us down in this area. May we ask God to heal us so that we can be whole – and through our wholeness, represent Him well. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) – and one of his key strategies is to attack our relationships; to turn love into bitterness and hate. But let us commit to reprioritise the precious relationships we have in our lives, to pay attention to the needs of others and to surrender each relationship to our loving Heavenly Father. He will and can restore marriages. He will and can restore broken family relationships. He will and can transform bitterness into joy, and hate or resentment into love!

So may the prayer of our hearts today be: Search our hearts, oh Lord, and show us anything that is not of You (Psalm 139:23-24). Help us to listen and obey even when we do not understand. Show us how to work on our relationships with others, so that we can serve and love them well. Holy Spirit, please come and revive our hearts. From now on we speak life and truth into our hearts, our minds and our homes! We want to live in the fullness of Your will for us! It’s in You we trust. Thank You that You are always present and in every detail of our lives. Father, we ask that You not only revive our own hearts today, but everyone around us! We worship You!


Lord, thank You that we can come before You and ask You to teach us how to do life well. Please help us to make wise choices; please help us to not lose our footing when hardships come into our lives. Teach us to obey, and to enjoy and appreciate life; for it’s a very special gift from You. Help us to live it well. Please help us to not try and minimise You to what we can understand. But help us to grow in faith, trust and humility. (Leanie)

Dear Lord, we are aware of sin that came into this world, and satan who is like a lion looking around for prey. We sometimes think that we have done enough work in our lives to make You proud. We always try to do what is just and good, but we sometimes fail. Sometimes there are things in our thought patterns and actions which have become habits but are not good for us or others around us. Lord, come and take away those things that contaminate our testimony. Give us the courage to break away from the things that don’t please You and that block the coming of the kingdom. We want to adjust our direction where needed. Holy Spirit, lead us. (Marike)

Lord Jesus, I thank You so much for this opportunity to pray for marriages, to pray for people. Lord, first and foremost, we want to pray for every Spirit of every person that is on this call. If they haven’t met You yet, if they haven’t decided to follow You, I pray that they will come to Salvation. Lord if they do know You, then we pray regarding everything that life has thrown at them – everything that has been done to them or that they might have done wrong. We pray regarding things that they still blame You for – that You will bring healing and wholeness into that space; so that they can walk in the freedom and fullness that You have for them. Lord we pray for every marriage represented here – every family, every child – that You will protect them, guide them, help them and heal them where necessary. Lord I pray for supernatural ability for all of us to stay in a place of humility – a place where we say sorry, where we repent easily, and where we forgive easily. We know that You forgave us, and You love us. Help us to be that to one another. (Heinz)

God thank You that You are in the business of reconciliation. Lord I pray for the many marriages in this world that look headed for divorce because they have ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Please reveal to them what a lie that is, because You want to reconcile them; because You have a plan for their marriages and there is hope. You can cause them to be more in love than they were in the beginning in a spilt second, if they turn their eyes to You Father. I pray that You will come and restore like a rushing wind and like a massive wave. Flood the nations and the world with Your revelation about the true meaning and the core identity plan for marriage… (Aletté)

Dear God, our Friend, and Holy Spirit our helper. We pray that You will come revive our souls. Dear Lord, we pray that You will help us, that we will be thankful for everything, always and in all situations. Thank You Holy Spirit that You are our everything, and that anything is possible through You. Thank You for who You are and for what You are doing in us. God help us to let thankful praise flow from our lips; and let the song of our hearts be filled with loving, thankful praise for Your glory. Let us always remember that You are with us. (Annelie)

Lord, thank You that we can come to You as family now, and ask You to revive our hearts and help us to focus on You in this time. Lord will You revive the hearts of Your children all over the world, will You send revival. When You send revival help us to see it; help us to believe it. Lord will You come and bring faith back to us. Amen (Retha)


(This WRAP is with great appreciation towards Marike, Heinz & Aletté, Retha, Annelie and Leanie)

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