In the light of His glory and grace…


Micah 6:8 (NLT): “No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God”.


Let us be determined this week to:
Fix our eyes on Jesus. It’s so easy to focus on the storms of life. But as God’s children we can rest assured that He sees us; He knows our circumstances and cares about us. With God on our side, we do not have to give in to the pressures of the world. We can thrive in and through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit! Let us look upward and onward, allowing our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to set our direction as He helps us to navigate through life.
Do life together. God created us as relational beings. He created us to be in unity – as one – the body of Christ! And He blesses us with so many good things, so that we, in turn, can be a blessing to others. Let us fight the good fight of faith – in praying for our relationships and being intentional about investing in those around us. Let us persevere in being obedient to our calling, so that through faith, we will bear kingdom-fruit, to the glory of our most high King. How do we do this practically? (As we’ve learned this week during our LET US STAND UNITED IN PRAYER sessions…) If we MISS someone – let us CALL them. If we want to MEET someone – let us INVITE them. If we want others to UNDERSTAND us – let us EXPLAIN ourselves in clear terms. If we have a QUESTION – let us ASK. If we LIKE something – let us SAY so. If we WANT something – let us ASK for it. If we LOVE someone – let us TELL them.


I thank you that Your Word assures us that you are God with us, Emmanuel, but that you are also the God who sees usEl-Roi. I pray Father, based on this knowledge, that we would be able to be still and know that You are God. I pray that in our stillness Father, we will lift up a song and lift up prayer as Paul and Silas did. I thank You that we will begin to see mountains move, Lord Jesus, because You are faithful, You are just, and You are kind. We pray that this word will not just be a seed in our hearts, but that it will bear fruit in the mighty name of Jesus. I thank You Father that we can lean on You, we can trust You and we can believe You, for You are a God who sees us in and through the most difficult circumstances. (Biopelo)

Our wonderful Heavenly Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus. We want to say first of all, that we love You because we know that You love us! We see this because You chose each one of us. You designed us uniquely. You knew the purpose You had for each of us individually, before we were even thought about by our parents. We thank You for this, we thank You that You chose us. We thank You that every one of us has a unique design and a unique purpose. (Carina)

Father God, we love You so much and we are so grateful that we don’t have to be concerned. You hold every single person, every single outcome, every single instance in the palm of Your hand. Help us Lord, to be a blessing to others; and help us to refresh others, so we, ourselves, will be refreshed in the giving and in the blessing. Help us to continue to step forward in obedience. Open our eyes Father God to the people You place in our paths. Open our mouths with the right words to say. Show us the right things to do, so that we can shine Your light and they can be refreshed. We thank You Father, that we don’t have to worry about anything, that we can just continue step-by-step knowing You have it all under control. (Tracey)

Dear Lord, Your love is the driving force that shows us the way to other people. Your unconditional love has changed our lives. Now we have the strength to love others as You have loved us. When we feel alone, it seems the devil is getting the upper hand. Please show us who You want us to help and who is alone. We ask that You would send someone across our paths, to support us when we feel lonely and uncertain about tomorrow. Help us to let go of past mistakes and grudges in our relationships – these things only isolate us. Bind us together with Your love. (Marike)

Our Heavenly Father, we just want to say thank You for who You are. Thank You, my Father for what You have done for us and for loving us. You are a good and wonderful God who is always there to rescue us when we feel like we are sinking. Father, thank You that Your righteous right hand is always there to rescue us. We thank You that You are a God who is still in the business of restoring, even our eyesight. We pray that You give us new lenses to clearly see You as You are. You are good and everything that You do for us is good. Father remove everything in our lives that is blocking us, or hindering us from seeing You. We cry out Father, do that which glorifies You in our lives as we serve You. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith. We love You, we thank You, in Your Holy precious name, Lord I pray. Amen. (Rumbie)


(This WRAP is with great appreciation towards Carina, Tracey, Boipelo, Rumbie and Marike)

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