Peace be still – It is well with my soul!


Psalm 146:1-2 (NIV): “Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live”.


Let us be determined this week to look into the mirror and see God!

May we:
Ask God for His glory to radiate through our lives, as we seek Him first in all we do!
Ask God to search our hearts, revitalise our souls, and give us a heavenly perspective and vision;
Trust Jesus to teach us to become more like Him – so that we can be conquerors in the ‘here and now’ through the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit;
Obediently trust God to help us put His Word into practice, as we go back to His Word as the only source of truth. God’s Word is living and active – holding power to reveal the truth of our hearts, and set us free from the things holding us back (Hebrews 4:12). May we never grow tired of living out the Scriptures ‘hidden in our hearts’; so that our living witness and words may lead others to Jesus! (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
Be bold enough
to ‘break-up camp,’ vulnerable enough to walk where Jesus leads us, and courageous enough to use the abilities and talents He has given us – for the advancement of His kingdom and glory of His name!
Exalt, honor, worship and glorify our almighty, powerful, trustworthy Heaven Father, especially during trying times. He truly is our refuge and tower of strength! Nothing is impossible for our God. He is our mighty fortress, our place of safety – the One who will rescue us. When the storms of life overtake us – let’s remember Jesus’ words: “Peace! Be still!”

So, let us give thanks today and declare: “Lord, It is well with our souls, because of Who You are!”


Abba Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, today is a day that we can stand united in prayer, giving You thanks and honour because it is well with our souls. It is well because of Who You are. It is wonderful to belong to You, knowing that we are safe in Your strong tower. Today I want to declare, with all those that love Your salvation, let God be magnified. (Ina)

I ask that You meet each person here today in a personal way. Lord would you speak to them in a revelation, in a Word, and through whatever they may be experiencing. May they be certain – completely certain – that this Word is You, and this is from You. And where there are questions… whether it is to move, to stay in a job, a concern in a marriage or a relationship with a child or a friend… Lord, may Your love, truth and revelation flood their hearts. May they have peace and direction from You. We ask Lord that You fill us afresh with Your Spirit. (Ellenore)

Lord Jesus, help us to walk this “Makeover Journey” (of hardships) – even if it is difficult –
with true faith, because the transformation is making us more like You. Help us to have an eternal, heavenly perspective of our temporary, earthly lives. Help us to be conquerors through You, Jesus Christ. (Liz)

I pray Father God today, that we will not neglect the resources, the time, the gifts that You have given us to fulfil our God-given purpose. Lord, may we stop when You say stop, may we obey when You say obey. And may we look to the cross in every area of our lives, in every day and every way. When we are deep in the valley, and deep in the pit, please help us to go with You wherever You call us… no matter how we feel on any given day. Lift us up in the Spirit today. (Tarryn)

Oh Lord, we just praise You and we thank You for Your sweet holy provision for us through Your Word. May we memorise Your Word, Lord, hiding it in our hearts. May we live it out before others, so that our lives and our words might bring them to a saving knowledge of You. We love You Lord, in Jesus Name. Amen. (Mary Lynn)

Amen. May we experience Your peace, Lord Jesus, as we sit in silence, waiting in eager expectation upon You. Fill us with your holy presence. May we all declare: It is well with my soul! We glorify your most holy name, Jesus.

(This WRAP is with great appreciation towards Liz, Ellenore, Ina, Tarryn and Mary-Lynn)

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