Here I am Lord, send me!


Isaiah 6:8 (NIV): Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


This week, let’s set our hearts to:
Know that our quiet time with God is never a waste. Prayer is so incredibly powerful! We can be bold in asking God to help us, be with us, and to carry us! Let’s pray for each other like never before! We can intercede and cry out for the lost and the broken, the hopeless and fearful (Hebrews 4:16). Our faith – even faith the size of a mustard seed – can move mountains and bring heaven to earth (Matthew 17:20)! We can learn from one another, do life together and share the beauty of the gospel (Titus 2)! We truly can be Jesus’ hands and feet here on earth as we share the HOPE, JOY, LOVE and GRACE to be found in and through Him.
Understand that the harvest is ready (Galatians 6:9)! Our great commission, as followers of Christ is to share the good news and to make God’s name known throughout the world (Matthew 28:19-20)! Are we doing that? We can pray: “Lord, please enlighten our hearts to perceive the work of Your hands in this world…” and then we can join Him in advancing His Kingdom daily. Why not step out in faith – at home, at our local churches, in our communities, or at our workplaces? The world is desperate for a trustworthy, hope-filled Savior! Let us share Jesus with everyone around us!
Perceive the new thing God is doing. God is filling us afresh with His Spirit to be the light and salt here on earth – speaking LIFE over all situations (Mathew 5:13-16). Our ‘new normal’ is here: can we see it? Are we viewing it through the right lens? Let us be found crying out to God for revival that starts within us! We are equipped to do the work He has tasked us to do. Now, let us MOVE towards all that He has planned for us!

So today, let us all declare: “Here I am Lord, send me!”


Right now, Lord, we just come to You and we’re so grateful that we can approach You with confidence. Thank You that You are real, that You are with us right now, that You love us, that You know our situations, and that You know our hearts. I thank You that You draw near to us. Right now, I pray that during this time we would know You, and feel Your presence, Lord. If there is anyone here that is feeling stressed, or suffering with anxiety or depression, or even just batting with their thoughts, Lord I pray that You will fill them with joy… That your Spirit would rise up in them. I also pray that they wouldn’t be scared to open up and talk to someone, Lord God. I thank You that just as we do life with You in a relationship, we can do life with each other in a relationship. I pray that as Christians we won’t just talk the talk but that we would walk the walk. May we be one in spirit with You Lord. (Nick)

Lord, I know that you want to breathe new life over us. We want to open ourselves, so that You can do a new work in us. Hear us Lord when we pray – please hear our prayers. In the name of Jesus. (Retha)

Father, I thank You so much that the good life is the beauty of knowing You and living that out in community. Father, sometimes we get confused about what is important. Thank You for Your Word that shows us the good life of the gospel. Father I pray for every person listening to this right now, that they would ensure that they are getting healthy teaching. Lord, I pray that they would look out for those who are younger in the faith; and look up to someone older than them in the faith – to learn from and be blessed by them. (Philomena)

Lord, thank You so much that You are up to something new, something fresh. We believe that you have our world in Your hands Father. We pray as You create something new in us and in the world around us, that You would open our eyes to it. I pray that You would enlighten our hearts Father – that we’d be able to see You, and perceive what you are doing; and what you want us to do with that. (Heinz)

Lord, we want to go out, we want to see the harvest come in. Now is the time to go out and bring the good news to those who haven’t heard it before. Lord, I ask that You prepare our hearts, that You make us brave, that You give us boldness to go out. Even if we touch just one soul a day, may we go and say: “Do you know the love of the Lord?” or “Have you experienced it before?” Lord, please give us words that will not offend people but rather draw them into the Kingdom. I ask that You give us Your love that covers everything. It covers a multitude of sins. Help us to not be focused on sin, but rather the person behind the sin – because of what You did for us Lord! You did it for us all! Lord, let us see the lost through Your eyes. I ask for renewed thoughts, for fresh eyes to see what You see. Lord we want to go out. I want to say: “I am ready, send me!” We look forward to the harvest coming in and the good news being spread all around the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen. (Leandi)


(This WRAP is with great appreciation towards Retha, Leandi, Heinz, Philomina and Nick)

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