RE-COVER your life
and find RE-ST in JESUS!

Introduction Session: God’s plan for our well-being

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines well-being as: “The state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.” It, therefore, relates to having good and wholesome health across the areas of our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, financial, and occupational well-being. It’s about contentment, high life satisfaction and a sense of purpose.
However, when we look at the world around us, instead of feeling well – we battle feelings of stress, anxiety, being overwhelmed and unable to cope, suicidal feelings and self-harm habits, we compare ourselves with perfect social media posts, we feel lost, hurt, drained and depleted.

The good news is that God has a plan to Re-Store our health and Re-Plenish our souls!

The Wellness Series covers 5 fundamental areas:
Re-Flect with Alison Hallett
Re-Align with Gerdi van den Berg
Re-Establish with Lucinda Smith
Re-Gain & Re-Think with Sherell Diane
Re-St with Jack Martin

Introduction Video

Part 1: RE-FLECT with Alison Hallett

True wellness and rest can only begin when we intentionally step out of our busy arenas, take time to reflect, allow God to highlight our blind spots, and then simply surrender to Him.

The Re-Flect session covers the following:
1. Understand reflection and self-awareness.
2. Gain insights into the world’s view of reflection, wellness and well-being.
3. Reflect on the Biblical truths that should guide our wellness journeys.
4. Practical tips to enhance and encourage your reflection time.

Part 1: Wellness Edition Guide – RE-FLECT

Part 2: RE-ALIGN with Gerdi van den Berg

RE-Alignment is the prerequisite for RE-Creation.

The RE-Align session covers the following:
1. Understand what prevents us from living a life of abundance.
2. Unpack how we can RE-Align to God’s will.
3. Consider how to position ourselves to be reconciled to our Source of life.
4. Practical tips to ensure we stay aligned with the Father.

Part 2: Wellness Edition Guide – RE-ALIGN

Part 3: RE-ESTABLISH with Lucinda Smith

Identity is integral to wellness – we cannot live authentic, deeply connected and abundant lives, unless we know who we are and who God is.

The RE-Establish session covers the following:
1. Understand that what we think about God and ourselves is essential.
2. Unpack how we can RE-Establish a true picture of who God is through His Word.
3. Explore who we are by establishing our identity in Christ.
4. Practical tips to equip us to walk in the freedom we all long for.

Part 3: Wellness Edition Guide – RE-ESTABLISH

Part 4: RE-GAIN & RE- THINK with Sherell Diane

Wellness is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered and often complex concept which requires us to know our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

The Re-Gain & Re-Think session covers the following:
1. Assess where our relationship with God is.
2. Gain insights through His Word to RE-Gain the love we had for God and others at first.
3. RE-Think the ways in which we stay in love with God.
4. Practical tips for reconnecting with God and loving Him wholeheartedly.

Part 4: Wellness Edition Guide – RE-GAIN & RE-THINK

Part 5: RE-ST with Jack Martin

To achieve wellness, take the written Word seriously and allow its truths and light to shine forth, dispelling the darkness of misinterpretations and distortions about God. Do this until the day Christ returns, and the Brilliant One is fully reproduced in your hearts.

The RE-ST session covers the following:
1. HURRY – RE-Evaluating how we spend our time for a healthier and more peaceful life.
2. RETREAT – Practising silence and solitude.
3. SABBATH – Honouring the Sabbath, allowing us to rest and recharge without guilt.
4. SLOWING DOWN – Physically slowing down trains our souls to resist hurry and make us more present with others and God.
5. PREPARE – Practically applying the concept of rest and eliminating hurry from our lives.

Part 5: Wellness Edition Guide – RE-ST


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