Our Obedience to Servanthood


Luke 1:38 (NIV): “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled”. Then the angel left her.


During this wonderful advent period, let us consider two profound things we learn from Mary:

She identifies herself as a SERVANT of the Lord. This humble young woman boldly identifies herself as a daughter of the King and opens her heart and life to serve and glorify God!

Reflecting on your life – can you proclaim that you are a servant of our Lord?

She accepts the PLAN that God has for her life.  Even though God’s message to Mary of being pregnant would bring shame and unacceptance in her society, Mary graciously trusted in God’s bigger plan for her!

What has God birthed in your heart? Can you step into His great plan for your life and follow Him without reservation?


Father God, thank You that You have a calling and plan for our lives. Lord, help us to not use the cultural pressures and customs of our time as excuses to reject Your calling and Kingdom purposes for our lives. Father God, give us great faith to trust You and obediently serve You.

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