God’s plan is greater than our humble beginnings


Luke 2:12 (NLT): And you will recognise Him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth,
lying in a manger.


During this wonderful advent period, let us be encouraged:

That our small beginnings don’t determine who we are or what God has in store for us. Humble beginnings can often seem so frustrating, difficult and sometimes even unfair! We may find ourselves asking God, “Why?” when everything around us seems to be failing, falling apart or falling short of our hopes and dreams. Jesus, the Lord of lords and King of kings started His earthly life in a manger amongst donkeys, sheep and cattle… That didn’t stop Him from living as the Son of God; and fulfilling His calling to save us, teach us and give us life and eternal hope.

What disappointment, failure or “not good enough” situation is holding you back from stepping into all our Heavenly Father created you to be?


Father God, thank You that You are our provider. We sometimes don’t understand why we are where we are, why we haven’t achieved what we hoped for. Help us to grow in patience, perseverance and the assurance that our humble, small beginnings do not mirror the glorious big picture that You have in mind for us. Regardless of where we have started or where we are now, we long to fulfil the task You has set before us.

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