God is enough!


Psalm 23:1 (AMP): “The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide and to shield me], I shall not want”.


Let us be determined this week to believe that GOD IS ENOUGH:

Is there an area of lack in your life – an area that feels empty, lonely, incomplete, or unfulfilled? How often do we try to fill our need for contentment, happiness or fulfillment with worldly things or other people (i.e. our family, jobs, possessions)? It is only God, our great Shepherd and provider, that can fill us with peace, joy and happiness.
Let’s believe, wholeheartedly that:

God will restore our souls and provide for our needs. As the shepherd tends his flock (Isaiah 40:11), our Lord will provide for our needs. He cares for us and looks after us; He gives us the strength we need for the task at hand; He renews our souls; and He fills our voids of emptiness or weakness.

Our Lord will guide us. Our Father longs for us to be happy. We can therefore trust Him to guide us on paths that will lead to happiness and contentment. Let’s turn away from our self- or other-dependence and rely on God to send us in the direction that will lead to joy and happiness.

God will protect us. We can walk with courage and confidence, without fear, anxiety and stress, because our Lord is our protector. He is our shield. He will help and support us when we run to Him.

It is only God who can satisfy our needs and longings. Let’s run to our Father, He is our more than enough!


Heavenly Father, thank You that You are our more than enough. Thank You that we are complete in You. Thank you that in and through Jesus we can live extraordinary, happy, fulfilled and fruitful lives. Help us remember that because You are our best friend and our shepherd, we always have more than enough! Jesus, thank You that in and through You we have life – and have it in abundance! In Your mighty name we pray. Amen.

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